"While Santa Fe County Attorney, I worked with both Robert H. Freilich and Neil Popowitz on many important projects, including a moratorium ordinance on oil and natural gas production in Santa Fe County, New Mexico; a general plan amendment to address specifically oil and natural gas production activities; an oil and natural gas development regulatory ordinance; a general plan amendment to replace an outdated and outmoded plan; and a new land development code, called the Sustainable Land Development Code. These projects, particularly the oil and gas project, were as highly charged political processes as one can imagine. And they were also successful projects; the oil and gas ordinance has spawned a whole new way of conceptualizing local government authority nationwide. Dr. Freilich and Mr. Popowitz brought to the table specific experience dealing with these kinds of issues, an innovative approach to solving traditional local government problems, experience gained from doing this same thing in cities and counties all over the country, superior knowledge of land use law, and connections to other skilled professionals that could be brought in to add value to the project."

Stephen C. Ross
Stephen C. Ross
Government Law Attorney, Law & Resource Planning Associates, P.C.
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Neil is a very efficient and powerful attorney who has a down to earth, common sense approach to handling legal challenges. He speaks in a language that non-legal folks, like myself, can understand. He assisted my branch on several occasions and it was a pleasure to work with him. He is as sharp as they come."

Cora Calagna
Cora Calagna
Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist, Dex Media, Inc.

"Neil is one of the most approachable and engaging legal minds I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He's both thoughtful and thorough and not hesitant to tell you when there's a '500 lb. gorilla' in the room - but with diplomacy."

Darryl Brooks
Darryl Brooks
HR Generalist & FSI IC

"Neil is an excellent corporate attorney with a broad base of experience on which to draw when providing counsel. He has keen business sense and good negotiating skills. Source, Inc. and our subsidiaries were well served by him. I would work with Neil again should the opportunity arise and highly recommend him as a corporate lawyer."

Roger van scoy
Roger Van Scoy
ACI Worldwide

"I strongly endorse Neil Popowitz. I opposed him in an employment matter. He vigorously represented his client's interests, yet took the time to investigate and resolve the matter in a way that resulted in a "win-win" case for both of our clients. I was so impressed, I put him on my Christmas Card list. Neil gets my recommendation as the go to attorney for all entrepreneurs, forward-thinking businesses and as outside counsel for any firm that needs the services of a seasoned in-house counsel."

Zachary Wechsler
Zachary Wechsler
Ethics/Professional Responsibility Lawyer in Los Angeles, California

"I had the pleasure to work with Neil in the legal department of Source, Inc. for over a year. Neil is extremely organized, reliable attorney with good analytical skills. He is a problem solver and a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits and the legal risks associated with business decisions in a clear and well-structured way. Neil has a very creative legal mind and independent work ethic that allow him to address numerous complicated legal issues in a very efficient and ethical way."

Michael Herszbein
Michael Herszbein
Partner, Herszbein Law Firm

"Dr. Freilich is an outstanding Planning Director. We worked together on very difficult plans and land use regulations in Monroe County Florida."

Lorenzo Aghemo
Planning Director, Palm Beach County, Florida

"I would jump at the chance to do business with Neil. He has displayed a rare, genuine caring that you don't see so often in attorneys. He's consulted me in the past and I find him to be a stand up guy that I can really trust."

Jack Burns
President and Owner, Techspotter

"Neil is one of the most knowledgeable business and real estate attorneys I know. What makes him a great attorney is that he approaches each situation with this powerful text book perfect deductive logic that ensures all aspects are covered and air tight. As a result, you are confident of his recommendations. What makes him an even greater attorney is that he really cares about your case, seeing the individuality of each situation and how the law may apply. He is my "go to" attorney for these reasons! I highly recommend him!"

Anne Laureano
Anne Laureano
Project & Management Consultant, Laureano Consulting

Neil advised me in the negotiation of a high-value sale. His insight, approachability, fast-turnaround, knowledge and assessment of the other party's options, along with analyzing the probabilities of different outcomes and even scripting my interactions to an extent, let to a doubling in the final price from the original offer. Additionally, our interactions were always cordial, yet professional, making for an enjoyable experience. I recommend Neil without reservation and I look forward to the next time we can work together on a deal.

Steven Mark
Steven Mark, PMP, CSM
Product, Program and Technology Management

"Without reservation, I recommend Neil Popowitz. If you need to resolve a legal issue, he is genuinely interested in making certain that you take the absolute best approach.

He is incredibly knowledgeable about a wide variety of legal issues that would not be readily apparent to someone lacking his expertise. He is capable of determining salient facts and clearly outlining the fullest range of possibilities for potential recovery.

He displays genuine empathy for his clients and is possessed with a magnanimous spirit. He not only has a robust knowledge of the law and legal strategy (as well as a keen eye for avoiding potential pitfalls), but he is a gracious human being and the type of man that you want to work with on a serious matter."

Frank Gorgie

Frank Gorgie, J.D.
Political Science/Political Philosophy Instructor, Belmont University

"Neil is extremely knowledgable in all aspects of Real Estate. He is a wonderful guy, very knowledgable and a pleasure to speak with. I came to him with an out of the box idea and he right away supported the idea, answered every question that I had, and pointed me in the right direction. I highly recommend him to anyone with any Real Estate legal issue."

Ryan Gurman

Ryan Gurman

Real Estate Agent at Beverly Westside Realty

"I was having a hard time making my son, a college graduate, see that the business deal he thought he had was not really there. So I arranged a consultation with attorney Neil Popowitz who, besides being an outstanding Real Estate attorney, also has an MBA and a lot of business law experience. After the introductions Mr. Popowitz tactfully drew out my son to tell him his business predicament. Mr. Popowitz listened patiently, asked my son some key questions and gave us his opinion. My son paid close attention and so did I. At the end of our consultation my son clearly saw he did not have a good business proposition from "his friend". Another words, there was no real upside potential for him on the proposed deal. So he avoided making a potentially costly mistake. My son and I are sure there will be other business deals for him with real upside potential. Also, Neil provided him with good business contacts. Thank you Neil Popowitz for your excellent business and common sense advise."

Alex Lopez

Alexander Nassif Lopez

Law Offices of Alexander N. Lopez