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United States Supreme Court
U.S. Courts of Appeal, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th & 11th Circuits
U.S. Court of Federal Claims
New York

University of Chicago, A.B., 1954
Columbia University, M.I.A., 1958
Yale University, J.D., 1958
Columbia University, LL.M., 1969
Columbia University, J.S.D., 1975
Robert H. Freilich
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Neil Popowitz is a highly accomplished Attorney/MBA with two decades experience furnishing strategic business and legal counsel while working directly with senior management and international clientele in corporate, intellectual property, litigation, insurance, director and officer responsibility, real estate and business law and a proven track record as a large company General Counsel.
Mr. Popowitz' experience in corporate, nonprofit and entrepreneurial business cultures permits him to:
•work with internal and external clientele to create, negotiate and implement creative solutions for complex business agreements, including RFPs, service contracts, licenses and non-disclosure agreements with foreign as well as domestic Fortune 500 companies, federal, state and local government agencies;
•provide leadership in risk management and litigation minimization while hiring, managing and coordinating efforts of outside litigation counsel nationwide (Mr. Popowitz’ efforts caused litigation across the organization to fall seventy-seven percent (77%), representing an estimated seven figure savings in legal expenses and executive opportunity costs);
•provide proactive advice to domestic and foreign corporations in matters of director and officer responsibility, privacy, labor and employment law (including FLSA, FMLA, ADA, Title VII, ERISA and HIPAA); and
•provide counsel in real estate law, commercial leasing and real estate finance;
•help develop sustainability, growth management and green development code tying new development to mandatory solar, rainwater capture and green development LEEDs standards to reduce global warming, energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and vehicle miles travelled for the County of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

•help develop a fracking ordinance integrated zoning, police power, environmental, public nuisance, health and safety regulations for oil and gas projects, facilities, exploration, drilling, hydro-fracturing, production and transportation to control on and off-site oil and gas impacts upon the environment and environmentally sensitive lands; requiring adequate public facilities and services; regulating abandonment and remediation; and, providing for a three step development approval process for oil and gas projects; providing for supplementary, complementary and operational consistency with federal and state statutes and regulations and with the comprehensive plan for the County of San Miguel, New Mexico.
Mr. Popowitz also represents homeowners associations, including condominiums, stock cooperatives, planned unit developments and other community association (including retirement communities) and/or their directors and officers in a wide variety of litigation and non-litigation matters, including vendor and construction contract negotiations and disputes, developer disputes, CC&R enforcement, land use matters, architectural controls and other use restrictions, disputes involving breaches of fiduciary duty, assessment collection and foreclosure matters, lender disputes and fair housing and discrimination claims, as well as providing general counsel to help ensure the smooth operation of the association.
Mr. Popowitz has published articles on business/legal topics, including: Nano-Tex: How an Accidental Startup Got Funded, Perfected its Product and Saved Not Only Burlington Industries, but maybe the Entire U.S. Textiles/Apparel Industry (The USC Technology Commercialization Alliance, Anthology of High Technology, September 2003); Compromising Positions: The Good Faith Requirement of Section 998 Offers to Compromise is Judged Case by Case (Los Angeles Lawyer, December 1995); The Umbrella of Sustainability: Smart Growth, New Urbanism, Renewable Energy and Green Development in the 21st Century (The Urban Lawyer, Winter 2010)(with Dr. Freilich); Oil and Gas Fracking: State and Federal Regulation Does Not Preempt Local Government Regulation - Examining the Santa Fe Oil and Gas Plan as a Model Ordinance (The Urban Lawyer, Summer 2012)(with Dr. Freilich); and How Local Governments Can Resolve Koontz's Prohibitions on Ad Hoc Land Use Restriction (The Urban Lawyer, Fall 2013)(with Dr. Freilich).
Mr. Popowitz is a founding director of the nonprofit Clean Technology Council, whose mission is to build a network of clean technology entrepreneurs, subject matter experts and professionals committed to creating and generating economic ideas, ventures and/or projects via an environment of learning, mentoring, support and collaborative resources.
Neil M. Popowitz
Bar Admissions:
U.S. Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeal, Federal Circuit
U.S. Court of Federal Claims
U.S. District Ct., Central District of CA
U.S. District Ct., Eastern District of CA
U.S. District Ct., Northern District of CA
U.S. District Ct., Southern District of CA
UC Berkeley, A.B., 1985
Loyola Law School, J.D., 1988
USC, M.B.A., 2004
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Robert H. Freilich, Rubey M. Hulen Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Law, is one of the nation's leading experts in real estate and land use law, is at the forefront of sustainable growth management planning, new urbanism, regional transportation, renewable energy and green development systems.  A highly respected litigator, Dr. Freilich has tried and argued more than 160 cases throughout the country, including several before the U.S. Supreme Court.
During his distinguished career, Dr. Freilich has represented the public and private sector and has developed and implemented land use plans and systems for over 250 cities, counties and states from San Diego to Boston and Seattle/Tacoma to Miami/Dade County.
Dr. Freilich has recently developed major regional transportation regulations and plans for Monterey County, CA; Ada County (Boise), ID; Santa Fe County, NM; Miami/Dade County, FL and the Puget Sound Region (Seattle to Tacoma), WA.  He has developed systems for monetization of solar, wind turbine and rainwater capture.
He has appeared as an expert witness in over 50 cases nationwide and was appointed Special Master by the U.S. District Court in the Western District of Missouri in U.S. v. Conservation Chemical Co., the most complex superfund case in the nation.
Dr. Freilich is the National Editor of The Urban Lawyer, the national quarterly journal on state and local government of the American Bar Association; Director of the Annual Planning and Zoning Institute of the American Center for National and International Law; Past Chair of the Planning and Law Division of the American Planning Association; serves on the Advisory Board of the Land Use and Environmental Law Review; and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and the Urban Land Institute.
Dr. Freilich is the author of the leading texts on sustainable and green development.  He recently completed The 21st Century Land Development Code (APA, 2008), which is being adopted across the nation; is co-author of the leading casebook in the field: Cases and Materials on Land Use (West, 6th Ed. 2012); and From Sprawl to Sustainability: Smart Growth, New Urbanis, Green Development, and Renewable Energy (ABA, 2010).  He has authored more than 100 articles and spoken to hundreds of conferences nationwide.