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Freilich & Popowitz LLP is an AV-rated law firm with over 70 years of cumulative experience delivering strategic legal counsel to government agencies and  businesses big and small in the areas of litigation, land use, real estate, corporate, nonprofit, intellectual property, employment, insurance and business law.
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Freilich & Popowitz LLP is a leader in land use, condemnation, zoning and planning. Professor Freilich literally wrote the textbook used by law schools nationwide to teach land use, and has represented over 250 cities, counties and major developers from Honolulu to New York, Seattle to Miami, in developing local and regional plans and regulations that control sprawl, prioritize new urbanist transit and traditional neighborhood development, create mixed use infill, promote sustainability and green development, control oil & gas drilling, finance renewable energy and infrastructure and link transportation and land use to reduce global warming and preserve agricultural, rural and environmentally sensitive lands.
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