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Freilich & Popowitz LLP is a national leader in land use, zoning and planning, with Dr. Freilich representing over 250 cities, counties and major developers from Honolulu to New York and Seattle to Miami, in developing local and regional plans and regulations that control sprawl, prioritize new urbanist transit and traditional neighborhood development, create mixed use infill, promote sustainability and green development, control oil & gas drilling, finance renewable energy and infrastructure and link transportation and land use to reduce global warming and preserve agricultural, rural and environmentally sensitive lands.
1/13/2014  Los Angeles, CA - Professor Freilich teaches the Land Use class at the USC Gould School of Law.
1/24/2013 Denver, CO - Dr. Freilich spoke at the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute's (RMLUI) annual Carver Colloquium at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. The Carver Colloquium features two leading legal or planning scholars from the land use, environmental and natural resources law fields. The Colloquium presents divergent or alternative viewpoints on cutting-edge issues in these fields in a point-counterpoint format. Bob debated the Attorney General of Colorado on the issue of "Local Regulation of Oil & Gas Production," specifically the challenges facing municipalities regarding oil and gas drilling and production in their communities. Dr. Freilich is a member of the RMLUI National Advisory Board.
2/12/2014 Thousand Oaks, CA - Neil Popowitz spoke at the non-profit Clean Technology Council's (CTC) monthly meeting on the the topic of "Hydraulic Fracking: How Communities Can Avoid the Worst Consequences of the Oil and Gas Fracking Boom." The discussion centered on the many public policy issues faced by communities relating to infrastrucure; housing; police, fire and emergency levels of service; water availability and water usage; etc., as a consequence of oil and gas drilling.
8/14-8/16/2013 San Francisco, CA - Dr. Freilich spoke at the American Law Institute's annual conference entitled "Land Use Institute: Planning, Regulation, Litigation, Eminent Domain, and Compensation." In addition to giving the Annual Richard F. Babcock Faculty Keynote Address on "Slaying the Dragon: How would Richard Babcock Critique the Complexity of Current American Land Use Law and Planning," Bob was a panelist on the  subjects of Climate Change at the Local Level, Easement and Exactions, and Hydraulic Fracturing.
10/24-10/27/2013 Santa Fe, NM - Neil Popowitz was a panelist at the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law Fall Meeting, speaking on the subject of how local authorities in New Mexico are using zoning and planning to regulate for the cumulative impacts of hydraulic fracturing oil and gas drilling on their communities, controlling sprawl; protecting natural and cultural resources, water quantity and quality; avoiding traffic congestions, ensuring adequate police, fire and emergency response; providing for fiscal balance and responsiblity; while maintaining consistency with federal and state legislation.
What's New
8/12/2014 Los Angeles, CA - Bob Freilich and Neil Popowitz discussed "Municipal Options for Controlling Fracking: How Local Communities Can Use Planning and Zoning to Mitigate the Consequences of the Fracking Boom" in a webinar on the Municipal Sustainability Forum. The Webinar focused on the need for local government regulation of oil and gas fracking, drilling, and production to avoid preemption and fill the vacuum left by less than comprehensive federal and state regulation. To watch he Webinar in its entirety click here.
Freilich & Popowitz LLP is a boutique, AV-rated, law firm located in Los Angeles, California, with a national practice in both government and developer side land use, zoning, takings and planning; and delivering strategic business and legal counsel to senior executives in the areas of land use, real estate, corporate, intellectual property, employment and business law. With over 70 years of cumulative experience, we provide high quality legal and planning services to a wide range of clients, from state and local government entities to foreign and domestic corporations.
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Click on the picture to watch our latest webinar!
Click on the picture to watch our latest webinar!